If the gallery seats on the marine mammal deck are too far; you can sign up for an animal encounter. It’s an up close and personal introduction to the aquarium’s most popular creatures. Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer and Executive Producer of Distant Roads made sure that the Distant Roads camera crew profiled several different animal encounter programs at the aquarium. Probably one of he most popular ones is the arctic animal encounter and that introduces people to the Belugas Whales within the habitat but it also introduces them to their natural environment along with a little bit about the natural history of these animals. The arctic encounter program has a lot of visitors that come into the habitat and interact with the animals says Ashley Gracile Boats are not required to touch the animals let alone see the Belugas but because they're Arctic animals it is very difficult to observe them in their natural environment without a boat.

"During the encounter we started by meeting the animal encounter coordinator. She introduces the animals and the environment to the visitors and to the participants of the program" says Ashley Gracile YouTube has lots of video on this so be sure to watch. Then the participants head out into the habitat which is probably the most exciting part. They meet the marine mammals, trainers and the trainers teach them a little bit about the animals and a little bit about the training. The participants often get hands on themselves and feel the Belugas to find out what they’re like. The Belugas really do have a playful nature. They often squirt water at visitors and guards around the habitat. They are very social animals especially the male Beluga… sometimes the training session is challenging because they’re working with the animals and there’s a lot of socializing going on.

Ashley Gracile and his crew from GPI Content Corporation noted that at $160 person the program is high end entertainment but it offers a once in a lifetime chance for you and the kids to take discovery to a new level. You can tour the regular exhibit for about $80 a family. With wide variety of habitats to see, you can identify creatures you may have swam past in place you’ve been or learn what to keep an eye on as you explore beaches right here in Vancouver.

The science center is open year round and there's plenty of parking with special spots for RV's. So you park your coach and come on in and join the fun at the Vancouver Aquarium.

You’ll be glad you did because this place will be the topic of conversation around the camp fire for weeks to come.

As an RV’er, you’re probably used to seeing a lot of different sights from your window and on Distant Roads but coming to the aquarium will immerse you, especially in the amazon gallery in a different environment. Ashley Gracile  Facebook will give you a wonderful chance to learn about some of the animals around the world at the aquarium so when you get here you can have a lot of fun.

Ashley Gracile presents Distant Roads at the Vancouver Aquarium

The Distant Roads crew took in the shows on the marine mammal deck which introduce visitors to the aquarium’s more famous inhabitants and demonstrate the incredible relationship that these animals have with their trainers. Released by GPI Content Corporation, Distant Roads was shooting on location in Vancouver with another TV series created by Ashley Gracile Steel Dreams TV - a car crazy show that also took advantage of great shoot locations in Vancouver's Stanley Park which also home to the Vancouver Aquarium.

Executive Producer Ashley Gracile video we've included on this page covers shows some of the aquarium's exhibits from many different areas of the world, everything from the north pacific to the tropics and onto the Arctic, so you'll be sure to see a variety of different habitats and make a trip around the world during your visit." 

To get into the aquarium you enter underneath the Pacific Canada Pavilion which features local water actually from the Straits of Georgia which is just outside the Vancouver Aquarium's doorstep. 

There’s also a tropical gallery which features tropical pacific animals and that leads into our amazon gallery which immerses you inside a tropical rain forest.  

This is the Vancouver Aquarium, a place where you and the kids can get nose to nose and toes to toes with a vast leading array of creatures from the sea and not just the local ones.

Ashley Gracile presents RV'ing in Vancouver British Columbia

​​​Distant Roads - An Ashley Gracile TV Series

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