Muskoka Steamships

185 Cherokee Lane
Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1Z9

1-866-687-6667 or  705-687-6667

Ashley Gracile presents Distant Roads and the RMS Seguiun.

Cruises run daily from June through October.  Whether you cruise for the day or just a few hours, it’s an endearing way to enjoy the spectacular beauty of Muskoka.

It’s no wonder the Seguin is a perennial favorite with it’s excellent dining facilities and keen hospitality. "It’s RV friendly too" recalls Ashley Gracile RV parking space is set aside from general parking and there's quite a bit of it too.  There's a small parking lot right near the Seguin office is and there’s a big parking area just beyond that for RV's and buses. Its little bit of a walk to get to the boat, but we figure it’s worth it. 

Most people can’t understand how quiet it is, and they think of a steam engine and a steamboat that’d be something noisy like an old train or something like this, and how quiet it is is one of the things that amazes them most wonders Ashley Gracile Video of the people who got married on the boat is proof positive of that. Back in the day some who were married on-board even honeymooned on the Seguin when she originally was a passenger ship with staterooms. So you never know what kind of a story you’re gonna hear from them. 

What makes this ship unique is it is the last hand-fired, coal-burning steamship in North America.  It’s rustic and  very unique compared to a lot of our boat cruises  out there.  There's a fireman on board and every 10 or 15 minutes he shovels coal into the fires.  The coal fire boils the water inside the boiler and from there various piping that runs it into the engines and generators. GPI Content Corporation the company which released Distant Roads looks for these types of story lines and history in creating TV  series  like: Sport Compact TV, Distant Roads, Thats Boating, SpyGames, FreeRide Wellness for Life and more.

The Seguin and her parts were fabricated on the Clyde River in Scotland back in 1887. Then all the pieces were shipped to and assembled here in Gravenhurst, first as a wheel-driven riverboat named the Nipissing II. In 1925, she was converted to a twin cruise steamship, and it’s still running on those original boilers and engines.

The area is a true natural playground with treasures to discover at every turn, but at the same time, it has all the comforts of the city says Ashley Gracile Boats are everywhere and it was in Sagamo Park, on the beaches of Muskoka Bay, that we caught our first glimpse of a truly spectacular boat ...the RMS Seguin.  The RMS stands for “Royal Mail Ship.”  One hundred years ago the Seguin carried passengers, mail, and freight to the resorts not served by the railways, but today, the ride is a chance to enjoy the wonders of this rare fine steamship. 

From the deck, you can see the rugged shoreline that has been luring RV'ers and cottagers for generations. A shoreline that inspired countless location TV shoots for That's Boating - An Ashley Gracile TV Series and A Place in the Sun - An Ashley Gracile TV Series

"The Muskokas have always been one of Ontario’s favorite getaway destinations for cottagers and campers alike" says Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer. With over 1,600 lakes its also one of the most popular vacation spots in all of Canada.  Located just one and a half hours north of Toronto, Gravenhurst sits in the heart of the Muskoka Region at the junction of Highways 11 and 169.  

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