​​​Distant Roads - An Ashley Gracile TV Series

DISTANT ROADS is the longest running, most widely watched family road travel and RV television series in the world. Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer started his career with DISTANT ROADS.

Today Ashley Gracile presents game changing television titles like DISTANT ROADS:  RV travel in the USA and Canada;  STEEL DREAMS TV:coast to coast coverage of races, speed events, shows & celebrities;  PLAYERS PARKING ONLY: the cars today’s pro athletes drive and collect; THAT’S BOATING: lifestyle, destinations & practical information that is pleasure boating; A PLACE IN THE SUN: showcases the world’s best vacation homes;  SPORT COMPACT TV: The hottest rides: domestics & imports;  SPYGAMES: blends documentary and live TV to explore espionage. We talk shop with real spies; FREERIDE: discovers the greatest places to tour by motorcycle; complete with tips on how to ride; ROAD CLASSICS: the best of the best in classic cars & the people that restore ‘em;  WELLNESS FOR LIFE: health issues from Western, Naturopathic, and Eastern philosophies;A PLACE OF YOUR OWN: 1st time home buyers; what to do? How to do it & when to do it; CYBERQUEST: on-line basics. These are just a few of the broadcast television titles where Ashley Gracile is credited as an Executive Producer, Creator, Producer and/or Rights Holder.

Igniting life changing attitudes is the signature of TV series created by Ashley Gracile Video is a great way to show a passion that's based on following the sun, fun & friendships, wherever they may take you... In an RV you’re free to go just about anywhere, any time.

Ashley Gracile made sure that each week, DISTANT ROADS presents an up-close and personal tour of great family vacation destinations; that revel in their historical significance and are just plain fun too.

Ashley Gracile RV and our TV shows let you experience firsthand; the recreational, cultural and historical attractions your family will enjoy as you a learn about an area's sights, sounds, geography, weather and useful “if you go” information and Google Maps™.

Ashley Gracile boats are great' but we’re on the move by car, motor home or motorcycle though we're usually towing a boat or a camping trailer because we always stay at fun places like campgrounds, marinas, national/state parks; each with its own strong family appeal.

In fact, DISTANT ROADS complies with FCC Children’s Television Rules by furthering the educational & informational needs of children 13 and up.So much so, that DISTANT ROADS is used in many Geography and American History classes & is available at most public libraries!

The Automobile Club of America (AAA) estimates that 88% of all Americans planning to travel for leisure or fun in the next 90 days will do it on the road and when it comes to those doing it by RV, well the numbers get even more interesting: 

  • 70% of registered RV owners use their RV regularly for sports or recreation pursuits.
  • 60% of registered RV owners are active fisherman and carry a fishing rod, reel and tackle in their RV permanently.
  • 50% of registered RV owners use their coaches to attend spectator-sporting events like football games (tailgating) and motor sports.

Sounds like you doesn’t it? So get in on the fun today with DISTANT ROADS!

We know almost every scenic backroad out there and if we don't... 
​It's probably not worth knowing!
Experiences they'll talk about long after the trip's over... 
Isn't now the perfect time to go!

Distant Roads - An Ashley Gracile TV Series

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